Cushion Case - Guitar Girl

  • Velvet
  • 43×43 cm

319 kr

Story behind the motif
My inspiration behind the Guitar Girl is a genuinely happy place for me.

I love to sit down on my sofa, playing my guitar (even though I’m no pro) and feel the peace wave flow through me. Wearing your most ”you” outfit, even if it is in your head, sitting next to your best company and just be able to be you.
Sometimes that is other things than playing the guitar, it could be painting, reading or anything else. I’m genuinely happy the way I manage to capture that calm and delicate feeling. Let the mood in this artwork encourage you to find your thing. 

Cushion Case - Guitar Girl


Lisa Daisy Art, Lisa Andersson

Bågevägen 1B, Västerås

073 – 700 91 27

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